Experience The Delight Of Using EOS Lip Balms Over The Traditional Chapsticks

EOS lip balms have antioxidant-rich vitamin E and delightfully flavored. They contain jojoba oil and soothing shea butter. It is a natural lip balm that is dermatologist tested hypoallergenic, petroleum free and paraben free for smooth, soft and beautiful lips. The products are nourishing and naturally conditioning. According to consumer research, women overwhelmingly use the product. Women find it convenient as the palm-sized ball is easy to locate in the purse.

The fast company came up with a product that uses all the five senses. The packaging generates a good feeling on the hands when you pick it up. It comes in different colors and different smells unique to each lip balm. The flavors that go with the product generate satisfaction. Women love products that make them look and feel good, and that is exactly what EOS lip balm gives.

Buyers of Chapstick say the products have a clinical taste and feel medicinal. The tubes of the Chapstick lip balm often got lost in the purse. Women detest having to dip their fingers in the pots of the Chapstick lip balm, which they consider gross.

EOS lip balm is easily available in boutiques, fashion stores, and supermarkets. The products are also available online on eBay and Amazon. The lip balms are splashed all over Facebook, fashion and beauty magazines. It has a wide market base and celebrities commonly splash it around in public. According to Kline Research, EOS lip balms are driving growth in the oral care category. It is selling more than a million units in a week.

The company adheres to the notion that a product that women use every day should generate delight, fun, and enjoyment when using. EOS lip balms are easy to apply and elevate your daily routines. The product is consistently and effectively pleasurable to use and gives a clicking sound when it closes. It is affordable with a price of about $3 each and uses purely organic ingredients. The products are common with style conscious women of ages 25 years to 35 years. https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html

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