Gino Pozzo Has Contributed Greatly to the Success of Watford FC

Gino Pozzo is an investor who is passionate about football. He mainly assists football clubs that are in the lower division to enter into the top leagues such as the Champions League. The Watford Football Club is currently owned by Gino Pozzo. After he acquired the football club, it has gained popularity throughout England.

Giuliana and Gianpaolo Pozzo were the parents of Gino Pozzo. They were also football fans, and they owned the Udinese football club. Gino Pozzo grew up in Udine, Italy, but he later went to the U.S. where he enrolled at the Harvard University for his higher education studies. After completing his studies, he got married and began to live in Barcelona, Spain. In 2013, he relocated together with his family to London. Since he had already purchased Watford, he began to involve himself in the daily operations of the newly-acquired football team.

The Pozzo family has always had an interest in football. Gizo Pozzo’s father made a step to acquire the Udinese football team in 1986 since he was passionate about football. He also felt that the team was a viable investment. The Pozzo family had also invested greatly in the woodworking industry. Currently, the family has also established another business in Spain that deals with electrical appliances. They have also delved into the finance and property mergers. The success of the Udinese football team was also facilitated by the Pozzo family.

Many people may assume that football is the main activity within the family, but that is not the case. The Pozzo family has diversified its investment portfolio. When it comes to sports club ownership, the Pozzo family has gained a positive reputation in this sector. As a football club owner, Gino Pozzo gained a positive reputation regarding being a forward-thinking individual. He has emulated his father when it comes to making sure that a football club has grown further.

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