Glenn Schlossberg on Choosing a Career Path

Glenn Schlossberg is a hard working entrepreneur who works in the fashion world. He is always looking for new ways to become successful in an already thriving market. As Glenn was growing up he worked in his father’s dress shop. Working here Glenn learned how to efficiently produce clothing.

In 1990 Glenn Schlossberg created his own line of clothing the clothing line was called Jump Design Group. Jump Design Group creates clothing for many big companies including Macy’s. Schlossberg believes in using domestic materials and labor. He and Jump Design Group focus on the quality of their clothing and try to keep up as best as they can with the changing of times.

Glenn Schlossberg says that starting his own clothing line is probably his biggest and best accomplishment in life. He is very proud of his company and all of the jobs that he has created for people. He is also proud of the fact that every chance that he gets he does something to give back to his community. Charity work is very important to Glenn Schlossberg. Schlossberg works very hard every day. He works on projects and attends meeting just about all day long.

According to dailyforexreport, Schlossberg decided not to go to college because he never did too well in high school. He decided that he would much rather just jump straight in and try his hand at starting his own business. Travel has helped to influence a lot of the work that Glenn Schlossberg did. Visiting different areas help to give him new design ideas. On the weekends Glenn Schlossberg enjoys travleing and doing things like racing cars. Racing cars has become one of his favorite past times. When he was younger he enjoyed motocross but as he grew older he traded that in for racing cars.

Glenn Schlossberg is a hard-working entrepreneur who knows that without hard work he will not make it very far in life. Schlossberg has always had a passion for clothes thanks to his dad owning a dress shop. He continued to grow that passion bigger and bigger growing up and eventually fulfilled his dream of starting his own clothing line. Glenn Schlossberg is very proud of himself for the success that he has gained himself. He has worked extremely hard to get to where he is today.