Goldstein’s Charitable Wine Dinner

On May 21st, attorney Jeremy Goldstein hosted a charity gala meant to highlight mental illness. The event was properly called Mental Illness: You Are Not ‘A Rhone and was meant to honor Jim Finkle. The article covers details about the event such as the cost of the event, the goal of the charity event and also giving some info on Jeremy Goldstein. The event was held at the Nomad Hotel Roofneck with collection of vintage wine from the likes of E. Guigal such as La Turque, La Landone, and La Mouline. The most important topic of the article is Fountain House, an organization the charity event is majorly dedicated to.


The first paragraph covers an explantion on what Fountain House is, a mental health support group that was formed back in 1944 by those who suffered from mental illness as a means to support each other. Their group was called We Are Not Alone. The article also goes into some detail on how Fountain House helps those who suffer from mental health issues through advocation, spreading the values of their organization, researching and sharing the knowledge with the community that can create innovative programs that encourage mental health. The group run several mental health programs all over New York City, where the charity event would be taking place.


Another important paragraph within the article centers on how the community itself benefits from Fountain House’s community involvement. Fountain House prides itself on making their clients more active within their communities allowing them to receive their diplomas, gain employment, gain new skills, develope new friendships while also gaining new found confidence and self-esteem in their daily lives. There’s also mention of clients being requiered to to partake in their communities.


While the article mostly centers on expanding on Fountain House and their contributions to the community of New York, it ends with some background info on Jeremy Goldstein, who started his career as a lawyer by graduating from the New York University School of Law before heading into the workforce. With some experience under him, Goldstein eventually founded his own law firm named Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC that specialized in advising their client’s execution compensation and their corporate governance matters. His firm has seen clients ranging from CEOs, corporations, and management teams. Goldstein and his firm have been at the helm of some of the largest corporate transactions associated with the likes of Bank of America and many more and he alongside his firm have so far been going 10 years strong.


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