Great Minds: Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Legacy

In 2003 Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was first awarded insurance personality of the year while he was the president of the Bradesco Group of Insurance and Pension Plans and vice-president of Banco Bradesco while he was just 47. In 2007 he received a trophy for the second time. He was well acquitted with the culture of Bradesco at this age and was being prepared to take over as president.

In March 2009 he took over the presidency of Bradesco bank which had lost its lead rival Itaú Unibanco. The mogul who was named the entrepreneur of the year in finance in August 2015, took a risk and bought HSBC in Brazil for $5.2 million. It was the most significant business then, and he was the fourth successor of the company after Amador Aguiar (founder), Lázaro Brandão, current chairman of the board and in charge of nominating Trabuco as president and Cypriano. With this, he re-opened doors of competition in the private segment. After buying the Bradesco bank, he beat his first competitor with three main things branch network, some account holders, and total investment funds.

According to predictions from his line of work, he would receive a green light in the first quarter of 2016, and with that, it led him to win the entrepreneur of the year in finance. Since his birth in 1951, he has graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters of the University of São Paulo. He began working in the bank as a clerk to the top. He worked hard and smart until he gained the presidency of the bank he worked at, Bradesco Seguros which he ran from 2003 to 2009. For the time he led it made Bradesco a 40% profit to date.

He created a cooperate university, talking to bank executives from all levels and sought for renewal of leadership cadres. For those who were promoted, sovereignty was given which was made a ritual. They were gathered in the noble hall used for shareholders’ meetings. Trabuco gave strict warnings to the participants in the meeting that whoever received the microphone should know what to say, send a message, vocalize positions and provide a strategy and plan for action.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been a part Bradesco organization for 38 years, and he applied his experience in banking to the insurance which he rooted for through a broker channel. He believes that the insurance sector is essential to the maintenance of social welfare and it’s an extended arm of the state. The 56-year-old is the head of Fenasaúde, a Fenaseg Council member and the Vice-President of the Institute for Supplementary Health Studies (IESS). His career is marked by his presidency in Anapp (National Association of Private Pensions), the International Association of Economic Studies of Insurance, in Geneva, and his Presidency in Bradesco Vida e Previdência SA, the National Financial Marketing Commission of Febraban.

After buying the billion dollar bank and a $1 million salary plus bonuses per month, money is no problem. His assets are worth $422 billion, and his chief competition is Itaú Unibanco is just $150 million ahead of him, and with the rate, Trabuco is growing; he will be ahead by far much more than that. His growth will be aided by the strategy he has designed. In Bradesco, he is aiming to develop the company with “organic growth.” It means he seeks to improve the internal performance of the company; he wants to reduce rates in the business to attract customers and intends to open 211 other branches.

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