Greg Blatt professional Achievements

Mr. Greg Blatt has created a legacy in the matchmaker business; he has also shown exceptional leadership skills that includes his role as a chairman at the Match group and the Chief Operating Officer at IAC. Mr. Blatt is a graduate from the Colgate University and Columbia Law School where he gained his BA and JD respectively (Inspirery).


Currently, he lives in New York where Mr. Blatt spends most of the time trying to make a healthy lifestyle. Blatt joined the matchmaking business upon graduation, and with his devotion and creativity, he was able to attain the top positions in various corporations. Greg Blatt has worked for several companies including Grubman Indursky and Schindler and the prominent Rosen and Katz law firms. Working with these firms, Blatt gained extensive skills that help him to be very thorough when dealing with different cases.


Later he joined the Stewart Living Omni media corporation serving the role of Executive vice president in the business affairs. In 2009 Mr. Blatt joined IAC a matchmaking company. Blatt started in the strategic leadership department before being promoted to join the top rank of a CEO. He has shown tremendous leadership skills promoting teamwork and ensuring people from different areas can find a good match as CEO Greg Blatt has been entrusted with the role of providing to that the, people media, singlesnet, and the match international websites creating links between many people.


SkillsFor the years he has been in the matchmaking the line of work he understands the needs of people since he has been able to match thousands of people. Blatt is an expert of the online dating industry, the road to success for Mr. Blatt has not been a road in the park, but he has gained the courage to walk through tough times and find significant solutions. He believes in not giving up and working closely with people with a vision to share new ideas that will mould a better future. Greg Blatt is a role model for many entrepreneurs since he has made it both professionally and socially ensuring people have a good life.

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