Guilherme Benchimol – Applied Research

The stock market crash of 2008 left many in dismay. Many countries were hurting from the loss because it impacted their economy above all else. One economy that struggled to find it’s footing post-crash was Brazil. Brazil had long been a country that was dense in population, leaving an economic hole to be filled.

Guilherme Benchimol was the mind behind the initial reprise of the stock market in Brazil. His company, XP, placed the tools in the hands of the consumer needed to foster a presence in the stock market. Guilherme Benchimol and his associates worked to bring new levels of understanding to this platform, gaining people the correct terms of knowledge needed to invest with confidence.

The stock market crash saw many people pull from Guilherme Benchimol’s system. People sought something with stability and turned to the banking systems to provide them with small returns on their investments. The stock market wasn’t the only thing hurting during this period of time. Banking facilities were only able to offer small percentage yields for their account holders, producing crumbs upon the initial investments that people made. Guilherme Benchimol sought the assistance of fieldwork to recover the promise of his branding in Brazil. He attended a trade conference in San Francisco that would set his record straight. Returning to his homeland with new formats of knowledge, Guilherme reworked his mission statements and improved the delivery process of his content for his consumers. Once the understanding was met within the general population, he brands leveled on new profits and income. He continues to service many different regions of Brazil and his perspectives are catching the eyes of the large consumer base spread throughout the country. Guilherme can offer return ratios that extend beyond the premise of banking systems, a win-win proposition for Benchimol and the people of Brazil.