Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger

GULF COAST WESTERNThe oil industry has functioned in much the same way for decades with little desire or move to change, that being said, change is needed. Matt Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are looking to change the oil industry does business by reducing their presence while still getting the fuel that is needed.

Through an innovative and simple method of leasing sites that are already in production rather than opening up a new site each time they want or need to drill, Gulf Coast Western is working to make a big difference in the way that oil operations are carried out. The concept is rather simple, Gulf Coast Western chooses sites that are geographically significant to them and then works to lease sites in the area. By leasing sites Gulf Coast Western does not have to pay for expensive equipment, they are not going to have to spend weeks on set up, they do not have to pull permits or get permission, and they do not have to do as much work to get the operation going.

This allows for money to be saved, time to be saved, and hassle also to be saved which makes it far easier for everyone involved. The oil industry has operated in the same way for decades and it does not appear that things are going to change rapidly. If more companies take an innovative approach like Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger, the industry is sure to change.


Gulf Coast Western spans several states in the South off of the Gulf Coast and they work to help make sure that their impact is as positive as possible. Their business model has been in service for decades and they are now working on expanding the business into Louisiana and other states. With the right focus and the right drive, any company can bring about change, no matter how difficult it seems or how unlikely it is that they will succeed.