Helane Morrison Revamping The Justice System

Helane Morrison is a seasoned professional who holds many titles to her distinguished name. She is the former regional director of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, a businesswoman, and a lawyer. She currently serves as general counsel and chief compliance officer for Hall Capital Partners LLC in San Francisco. This is an investment firm that manages assets for wealthy clients while offering advice on legal compliance matters.


Her roots are traced to Brooklyn, New York. Helane received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. She then proceeded to advance her education at the University of California School of Law where she actively participated in the California Law Review as the chief editor.


Helane Morrison was accepted to the State Bar of California in 1987.Her law career took off in the office of Hon. Richard Posen where she served as a law clerk.


Her time in the office of Supreme Court Justice, Harry Blackmun was probably the most formative period for Helane. The Supreme Court Justice was a staunch supporter of social equality and promotion of high moral standards.


The time she spent working with Harry Blackmun enabled her to take a proactive stance against corruption.


Before working with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, she worked for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabin, a law firm that promoted her to partner after only five years due to her successful history.


The law firm primarily focuses on matters pertaining to the SEC, business litigation, and private securities. Helane was also involved with a team that specifically investigated illegal insider trading rings.


Her commitment and tenacity in pursuing corporate crimes earned her recognition from the government, and she received a position with the U.S SEC in the San Francisco office. Here, she was in charge of fraud litigation and securities law enforcement in North California and five other states within the region. With this new power and authority, she was handed the leverage that matched her passion to deceptive corporate actions and upholding high moral standards.


After her accomplishments at the SEC, she opted to go and devote her efforts in fighting for equality in the financial industry. Helane, therefore, joined Hall Capital Partners LLC, a successful investment firm that is run by women. The firm has a diverse leadership culture and is committed to restoring faith in the financial sector after the economic crash of 2008.


The firm also emphasizes on the promotion of values and qualities that are integral to any ambitious female who wants to succeed in the industry.


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  1. He had a few ideological opponents, but this did not faze him. This is what molded Helane into the values of moral correctness and equality that she vehemently fights for today. It is also in continuity to what myassignmentservice.com would have done to ensure strict compliance to what is important.

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