His Kind of Bubbly: Laerte Codonho

Laerte Codonho is a businessman of the truest sense. He is a man who wanted to start his own business and make his own mark. He has done that and then some. In a time where many businesses fail within the first year he has made a name for himself by coming up with the idea of selling diet soda pop in Brazil. In the beginning it was a small company that was founded in 1987. That was the starting point and things took off from there. The way that Laerte Codonho founded Dolly, a company he got off the ground was through word of mouth. 


Over the next few years, he worked hard on giving consumers a quality drink that they could be proud of. Laerte Codonho also had an idea for a soda flavor from the guarana fruit. The idea paid off big and it has become the biggest seller in company history. Now the company was garnering and gaining national attention throughout Brazil (Jusbrasil).


At First when Laerte Codonho undertook the process of making diet soda it was against the law due to health problems. He spent his own money and created a study to show authorities that this was not the case with his brand. He was then granted permission to sell the diet product. This is what set Dolly apart from the competition. Laerte Codonho and his team make sure that every can of Dolly is tested for maximum quality. Once those tests are passed then it can go out onto the market for sale.


Laerte Codonho also came up with the mascot for Dolly. The mascot is called Dollynho and has been a tremendous success for the company. It had made a real connection with kids and adults in Brazil and beyond. This is why Laerte Codonho is a business genius.


Laerte Codonho has secured his legacy in Brazil and around the world. All it took was one idea to get the company rolling. Now he has no plans to slow down anytime soon. He has made his connection to the public and is determined to keep it that way.


Information on Codonho´s business career at https://recordtv.r7.com/jornal-da-record/videos/justica-reconhece-erro-e-desbloqueia-bens-da-dolly-06102018