How Jack Plotkin and Telehealth are Changing the Medical Landscape

Jack PlotkinTele-health has come a long way over the years but nowadays it seems we’re closer than ever to finally making this new form of consultation accessible to the average person. So how is that becoming a reality? Well, Jack Plotkin mentions that they have now developed wearable health technology that is capable of monitoring your vital signs and sending the appropriate information to your doctors for analysis. This type of tech is making it easier for people to use telehealth as an alternative to the annual visit to the doctor but there are still hurdles to overcome before it becomes readily available to the public. For one thing, there are still many doctors using telehealth who find themselves unable to access the medical records of their patients.

Additionally, many nurses who are currently employed at call centers find themselves with very limited access to the electronic medical records they need to assist the patients. Jack Plotkin recognizes how problematic this is as it becomes much more difficult for doctors and nurses to do their jobs without this data. The good news, though, is they are currently working on a new platform known as Virtual Health. If successfully implemented, this new system will combine the EMRs with the information already housed in their medical database which will provide them with all the information they need to successfully diagnose and treat all of their patients.

Jack PlotkinHowever, even if this new system proves to be successful, there is still the issue of the cost of using the telehealth option. As you might imagine, it does not come cheap and there currently are no medical providers out there who cover this sort of treatment. As such, it can be difficult for the average joe to be able to afford these kinds of consultations. However, society always finds a way around these issues. Back in the day, they used to perform telehealth over the phone by having the patient try and describe to the doctor exactly what was wrong but, as you can imagine, it was quite difficult for the doctor to determine it remotely.

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