How Sergey Petrossov Turned His Hobby Into A Profitable Business

JetSmarter allows people to book chartered jet flights for near distances through the use of mobile phones. The startup was even supported by personalities such as the Saudi royal family and Jay-Z. The concept and the business were made possible by the tech-minded entrepreneur, Sergey Petrossov, the CEO of JetSmarter.

A lot of people want to turn their hobbies into something profitable. Sergey Petrossov was among these people until he decided that his hobby, in fact, is worth a business idea. Aviation was his hobby and he used to be a board advisor of one of the South Florida-based private jet operator. However, when he booked a flight himself, he experienced how horrible it was to book a flight via brick-and-mortar system. Upon identifying the problem, the idea for a mobile app that can provide chartered flight bookings appeared in his mind, and thus, the idea for JetSmarter was born.

Sergey Petrossov has an entrepreneurial spirit even when he was just a teen. He was in high school when he attempted to start an import-export business which was focused on automobile tire rims. During his time at the University of Florida, he was also exposed to computer science and a chat-based start-up project. In addition to this, he also worked in a distance-learning platform designed for Russian-speaking learners.

One of the things that Sergey Petrossov observed is how wasteful private jets are when it comes to fuel. He deemed it inefficient and the planes aren’t utilized enough, which makes the cost of operations, as well as the price of the service very high. JetSmarter was launched in 2013 after building the app with his team of experts. As of now, JetSmarter’s value is in $1.5 Billion and offers convenient ways for private jet flyers to book their flights.

In the future, Sergey Petrossov wants to offer the seats of private jets for as low as $500. He also stated that in ten years, there’s an even bigger opportunity to move into shorter-distance flights, and make a mass-market solution available. He and his team are still learning in this industry, but they are dedicated to delivering the best services for their users.