Isabel dos Santos is Inspired by a Women Leaders from Around the World

Isabel dos Santos is Inspired by a Women Leaders from Around the World

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur and leader in both her home country of Angola and the continent of Africa. Although she is the richest person in Africa, she has inspired many young women and men look up to her for guidance. She has always devoted and invested her time, knowledge and experience to groom and develop future business leaders.

She writes on her personal website, Sharing by Isabel dos Santos, that a young woman from Singapore has inspired her and has affected her deeply. She tells the story of Lam Shumei, who created a needed business in Rwanda, Africa. Producing and farming chickens was nonexistent in this country. She recognized that with the right support and investment of time and resources, she could realize her dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Lam Shumai immediately caught Isabel dos Santos’ eye because one of her biggest philosophies is nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs who will make a difference in on the African continent. She believes that in order for Africa to be a leader, politically and economically, its countries must first be empowered and their businesses must be self sustaining. To do this, these businesses need innovative leaders at their helms. These leaders must be strong and able to empower the people they employ. In time, this will stimulate autonomy and the generation of more businesses throughout all of Africa. This will result in a never ending cycle of opportunity.

Isabel dos Santos boasts that she is very pleased that Lam Shumai is a woman that is proving herself to break the barriers in a man’s world. She was able to break through language barriers and is determined to establish a business in Africa, a totally different continent then her Asian homeland. She admires Lam Shumai for her courage and strength. She was able to develop a national product of fresh chicken to be sold at an affordable price to consumers all across Rwanda. Most of their people have never eaten chicken. With this product in high demand, many jobs and opportunities were created to ensure that enough chicken was being produced.

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