Jack Plotkin

JACK PLOTKINJack Plotkin thinks the world is due for a change. The founder and CEO of Cardinal Solutions has long specialized in investment and financial advice, with a focus on the future of technology – and how it affects a wide variety of industries. Change, you could say, is one of his specialties.

Cardinal Solutions is all about challenging past models and focusing on key trends that capitalists and businesses can leverage for the best results. This puts Plotkin in an ideal situation to see where industries are heading – and how leaders can benefit from understand this. So, where does Plotkin think technology is taking us next? What trends does it pay – literally – to know about when making long-term investment decisions? Here are a two developments he has mentioned as worth keeping tabs on.


Virtual reality and augmented reality have seen a lot of interesting development in the past years, and now have a number of consumer and commercial channels for growth. Early efforts, like Google Glass, proved disappointing with high barriers to entry and uncertain applications.

Today’s efforts from Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, and many other companies have become much more streamlined and focused on value propositions. This has led to contracts with the U.S. military, growing consumer interest, and generally greater acceptance. Look for VR and AR to enable more business communication in the future, facilitating telecommutes, international meetings, and more. The rise of virtual locations could have interesting implications for monetizing the AR/VR market in the future.



Telehealth is the growing practice of conducting medical visits and consultations at a distance – telecommuting to your doctor, essentially. Medical organizations have begun to embrace telehealth as a method of cutting costs at their physical locations. Telehealth is in an interesting position because it has been waiting on technology and best practices to catch up with where it needs to be. This is finally starting to happen – and technologies like augmented reality mentioned above have only helped increase growth. There’s a lot of potential in this market!