James Dondero Changing Dallas For the Better

James Dondero is the man raising the standard for Dallas, Texas. He was able to establish his own firm in 1993 called High Capital Management, and has been able to gain a high reputation in alternative credit all over the world. James Dondero is a charitable man as well. He has been involved with the Dallas Zoo where he was able to donate $1 billion dollars to rebuild the zoo after being closed down due to the death of one of the zoo’s hippos. This initiative now allows visitors to the zoo to view hippos dwelling in the large Highland Capital Lodge which was so named after James Dondero‚Äôs investment firm. He also has been able to donate to the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute.

Mr. James Dondero is an affiliate with Mary Jalonick, who is another philanthropist, that is the current president and CEO of the Dallas Foundation. Together, these two have been able to focus on veterans, health care concerns, and educational needs. It is important to know that when James Dondero opened Highland Capital Management, he did not open his firm with the intent of selfish gains. His vision was that Highland Capital Management would help in the promotion of charitable works. Additionally, James started his investment firm with a purpose of finding other organizations to collaborate with to propel Dallas into the future.

With all of Mr. Dondero’s experience in philanthropy, he has been able to offer grants throughout the year in support of a number of organizations within Dallas, Texas. In fact, he worked hard to be able to establish his own firm. He earned his bachelor’s degree of finance and was able to attend the University of Virginia where he was then able to launch his career in finance. He actually started with the JP Morgan company in 1984 where he was then able to work for dream job American Express. James was able to manage $1 billion dollars at American Express . Later, he became Chief Investment Officer of the protective life GIC subsidiary.