James River Capital offers tips on how leaders can better their performance

Various factors contribute to the success of a business, but leadership is the center of it all. While having good strategies is of the essence, the ability to act on and implement these strategies lies squarely on the leader of the business. He/she is the one who guides the juniors on how to go about the strategies, assigns roles and ensures that everything is smooth sailing. In a nutshell, a good leader means a successful business because besides making sure everything runs as planned, he/she also guides the entity through rough times. James River capital, a leading alternative finance company in Virginia, understands the impact of leadership to any entity, which is why its executives continuously share tips on its blog on how leaders can better their style.


On its most recent blog, James River Capital urges leaders who want to better their performance to become supporters of their juniors instead of their leaders. Instead of trying to boss them around, those in leadership should offer support to staff members by motivating them. Even though this might seem like a slight change, it is incredibly useful and is what has helped giants like Facebook accomplish their status in the tech community.


Build bridges for employees


Leaders should build bridges for their staff in the sense that they should encourage a free flow of communication. They should work on how to become more approachable because according to James River capital, most employees often keep important suggestions to themselves because they find their employers intimidating. Such proposals could be the thin line between the success of your business and the failure, which is why leaders are urged to encourage communication. There are several ways to do so, and the best one is to appreciate them on their accomplishments.


Give a listening ear


Once leaders make it easy for their team members to approach them, next, they should work on listening to everyone’s opinion. For instance, while there are those staff members who are talkative and have no problems speaking out their mind, in every team, there is also a quiet person. As a leader, you should identify the quiet ones, and try to engage with them more, as well as listen to the opinions they hold back. Nevertheless, the objective here is to get resourceful information, thereby James River Capital urges them not to be pushy or cause discomfort to the quiet ones by forcing them to talk. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/jamesrivercc


About James River Capital


As noted earlier, James River is an alternative investment firm headquartered in Virginia. The company began in 1986 as part of Kidder, Peabody & Co, and became an independent entity when Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt completed its acquisition in 1995.

Since then it has grown in leaps and bound and currently oversees assets worth over $570 million. James River is now registered with the Securities and exchange capital and also operates as a professional investment advisory company.