JD.com: Logistists Giant Eyeing Underground Transportation Delivery

Urban logistics operations can become much more productive, effecient and environmentally friendly with Jindong (JD.com). While the road to implementing a subterranean transportation system may be tricky to accomplish, the end result could mean faster deliveries that ultimately help cut costs of shipping products and materials.Though Elon Musk has unveiled a plan to take delivery transportation underground, he is not the only one with the idea. TheĀ Chinese well-known company JD.com has also made it known that the company also has their own version of the system in the early planning stages.

At their recent JD.com’s 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit, the corporation pulled together many genres of the technology industry to gain a wider scope of the possibilities of making the transport a reality, including many top level business and academic individuals from:

*Nankai University

*Beijing Jiatong University

*Beijing Wuzi University

*Shanghai Maritime University

*Institute of Comprehensive Transportation at the National Development and Reform Commission

*Sinotrans & CSC

*Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute

According to Chen Xiangsheng (Director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering), “The most effective smart cities are the ones that make best use of all available space and resources”. If JD.com can figure out a way to make use of exisitng underground tracks as well as the municipal pipe corridors, then not only will the company be able to get around using any above ground space, but they will also create a transportation that will also contribute a considerably less carbon footprint compared to other freight vehicles currently used for parcel delivery service.


The largest online retailer in China, Jindong (JD.com)is known for setting industry standards. Besting global competitors when it comes to large amounts and high quality products offered, Jingdong is unmatched. The company has garnered over 300-million customers on a yearly basis, have over 500 warehouses and in 2017, JD.com pulled in over US $55.7 Billion dollars in sales.