Jeffrey Aronin: A Man Who Believes In Innovative Medical Treatments

You don’t get esteemed in the community because you are a successful entrepreneur, but because you use your entrepreneurial skills and expertise to help others succeed. Jeffrey Aronin is one of the celebrated entrepreneurs the world is pleased to have today. Many people have lived with various unmet medical illnesses and diseases. However, it seems that this entrepreneur came for a noble cause. The main aim of this gifted entrepreneur is finding suitable and effective medicines for most of the devastating diseases. He says that if the approval of the developed innovative drugs is simplified, more great drugs would be in the market to help the patients.


As a way to make this desire real, Jeffrey Aronin had to offer exceptional leadership at Paragon Biosciences. The company makes important medicines available to the patients. The team working in this company is talented and committed. Paragon Biosciences is proud to have had 13 unique drugs approved under the leadership of this able business leader. Jeffrey Aronin believes that if the medical needs of the patients are met, everything else would just fall in place at the right time. He knows he would accomplish the common purpose if he brought the leading talents together.


Since 2010, Jeffrey Aronin has served as the CEO of this great company, and also as the Chairman. All his entrepreneurial ventures in healthcare and biotech have been successful. His strong leadership skills and qualities have been evident even when he served as the CEO in other companies. While some patients have few treatment options, others have none at all. For this reason, Jeffrey Aronin felt he needed to develop important medicines to meet the needs of such patients. He uses his expertise and that of his team in the company to help other upcoming companies get stable establishment.


The understanding Jeffrey Aronin has on medicine and science is deep. He believes that strengthening other innovative healthcare companies is a great way to combat diseases and meet the needs of millions of patients. He says the health of many people get compromised when the right treatments are scarce. Although Jeffrey Aronin spends much of his time in his healthcare business, he also finds time for philanthropic activities. He funds community development programs, improves education quality, and makes the community aware of various rare diseases.