Jeremy Goldstein Is a Philanthropist and He Supports the Fountain House

When giving back to the society, it is good to converge together at a memorable event where people can mingle as they enjoy some fine delicacies and quality wine. Since Jeremy Goldstein is a philanthropist who has offered his support to organizations such as the Fountain House, he partnered with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel to host a wine dinner. By supporting the Fountain House, Jeremy Goldstein can ensure that men and women with mental illnesses can recover accordingly.


The World Health Organization has been keeping track of the population of people living with mental illness globally. Statistics show that over 450 million people have been affected globally. The casualties are unable to complete their studies, find a quality education, and they are unable to manage their finances. Despite the challenges facing such individuals, the Fountain House has been offering assistance to people with mental illness. The not-for-profit organization has been present since 1944. For the past seven decades, the corporation has played a major role in bettering the lives of people with mental illnesses. Initially, the firm was known as “We Are Not Alone,” and it was formed by six people. With time, the organization grew profoundly, and they have been able to impact the lives of many individuals in the society positively.


In 1948, the Fountain House acquired a building that was situated in New York since they needed a base of operation. The members of the Fountain House have access to many opportunities, and they can work, live, and learn. They are also able to utilize their talents since they are offered the necessary support that they need. Since Jeremy Goldstein is also a part of the board of directors within the organization, he can ensure that the organization is able to accomplish its mission accordingly.


The Fountain House has garnered a considerable success rate over the years. The organization has been able to offer its services in more than 300 locations situated in more than 32 states. With time, the organization has also been able to reach out to other countries thus ensuring that people with mental illness are assisted accordingly. More than 100,000 people have gained positively from the help offered by the Fountain House on a global scale. In 2014, the Fountain House was also accorded the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize. The organization takes pride in ensuring that there is a positive impact on every individual that they assist.


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