Jingdong and The Next Move

The leaders of Jingdong have the same drive as those that are in companies such as Uber. See, Richard Liu and Travis Kalanick (the founder of Uber) has similar initial journeys. Travis Kalanick started his journey early on just like Richard Liu. They both were entrepreneurial from the start. Uber is a firm that everyone knows and uses on a regular basis in some form or fashion. see Uber, operates in different ways across the world. It is a behemoth to be respected in many different ways. Ubercab, would start out in 2009 and then would advance and become something special to many different folk across the world. It is a Silicon Valley darling. The startup can be found in more than 500 cities in many different countries and has been valued at one point at $125 billion or more.

It just recently went public. While Jingdong is has been public for a while, Uber is just about to start and enter into the public sector. While Travis is expected to have a net worth of more than $4 billion, Richard Liu, the founder of Jingdong is expected to have more than $6 billion. They both grew up to good families and had the ability to grow up in a healthy manner. Both had entrepreneurial parents and aspired to do more with their lives. Both kept on track and didn’t stray from doing their best in school and in life in general.

Kalanick had one issue, he didn’t want to ever have problems with other individuals, he never wanted to be a victim. He became a businessman at eighteen years old after pursuing a door-to-door sales role where he would sell knives. Richard Liu of Jingdong also had an instinct to hustle and move around, he didn’t let his time go to waste. He kept active and productive in some form or fashion. Both entrepreneurs had to go through different startups before they found success, now they have proven themselves. JD.com is set to be a prominent company in the world and will expand. The time for further expansion is still far off into the future, but it paints an interesting picture nonetheless.