Lincolnshire Management Approaches in Mergers and Acquisitions

One of the ways firms and business entities are seeking to diversify or shield from the stiff competition is through mergers and acquisitions. The market has become very variable with so much uncertainty and changes, to reduce the risk involved, many companies have resorted into being absorbed under a trusted established brand.


Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that helps companies and corporate investors cast their nets deeper into viable business opportunities as well as growing middle market companies. The growth as mentioned earlier is achieved through mergers and acquisitions that catalyze the growth and expansion of businesses. Just to break the ice, Lincolnshire Management majors on recapitalizations, management buyouts, corporate divestitures and business restructuring all of which are some of the prime strategies involved in finalizing merger and acquisition deals.


Ideally, Lincolnshire Management has helped many businesses withstand economic temperatures and pressures but providing a clear roadmap where they can get financing, debt reduced, loan structured and utility optimized. Lincolnshire has done over 55 investment deals in four private equity funds. The first equity fund in 1994 raised US$ 120 million followed by US$433 million then US$ 835 million in 2008 and the most recent one raised over US$ 1.7 billion. Its major acquisitions and investments have been the American Coach Lines, Riddell, and Prince Sports. In 2018, Lincolnshire Management has spearheaded mergers/ acquisitions with AMPORTS Inc. and Holley Performance Products Inc.


About Lincolnshire Management


Lincolnshire Management is a privately held equity firm based in New York City along 780 Third Avenue. It was founded by Steven Kumble and Frank Wright in 1989, who had both previously worked in the finance sector in various institutions. However, the founders have since passed on, the management has been under the able hands of; Thomas J. Maloney who is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, Michael Joseph Lyons – the President, Vineet Pruthi the Senior Managing Director and George J. Henry and Director too. Private Equity News ranked it as the best performing equity firm while Fortune Magazine ranked it 5th among the well managed private equity firms. Lincolnshire Management owns Transcraft and Wabash National Corporation.