Luke Lazarus Finds Business Niche thru His Australian Startup Consultancy

 Eluding Success

What comes first, the preparation for success or the experience of victory? How to capture business success is a question which has eluded many eager candidates for the modern world of business. Some have failed to succeed who think that business success chooses whom it pleases.

Others, how to continue to search for business success seem to miss the chance or fortune passes by without lending its hand in this competitive world of business and business transactions.

Statistics repeatedly say that only 10% of new businesses ever make of themselves enough opportunity to move on, while the other 90% seem to be case aside in a heap of failure. Can success be that hard to grasp and find in the world of business? Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

There are those few who have succeeded wildly and believe that success can be coaxed and its principles integrated into an effective business plan as a launchpad for further progress. That is where Luke Lazarus differs himself from others today.

Finding Success

As mentioned earlier, some seem to elude success, while others seem to find it. Luke Lazarus was only ten years old when he and a friend put into action a Luke Lazarus business plan. Luke convinced his friend the business would work if it were done his way.

Well, it was successful, and that early success did make a profound impact upon young Luke Lazarus. He still needed to make his steps and continue his years of preparation before he could become a “professional businessman.”

Luke Lazarus went to Melbourne Business School after graduating with top grades in high school. Luke Lazarus even turned down some fantastic scholarships from significant universities to stay in Australia. He graduated with an MBA from Melbourne Business School and at the age of 24, he launched out of the world of academics into the world of business.

Within several years and before his thirty-second birthday, he had accomplished the launch of three startups that were successful and decided to sell them, which he did. Luke Lazarus was hungry to help others follow the path he had found, so he opened Luke Lazarus Consulting.

Understand Your Mission

With all of the success, Luke Lazarus had experienced he wanted to gather it up and mostly hand it to other startups who were seeking an experienced business coach that could set their questions in the right direction and offer the supporting principles they were lacking.

Luke Lazarus wants to make sure his startups have the core principles they need.

He wants them to understand their core mission before jumping into the world of competitive business. Learning by doing and do what you learn is a profound principle of training for business success.

According to Luke Lazarus, a startup needs to know their story and their mission before they can share it with others.

They need to know their story before they tell their story to Venture Capitalist who they are hoping will invest in their business.

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