Madison Street Capital Organizes Marginal Recapitalization on Behalf of ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital, a global investment banking firm, played the role of an elite financial advisor in organizing a subordinated debt and minority equity investment for ARES Security Corporation, its client. ARES Security Corporation is a top venture security risk management company based in Vienna. It offers all-inclusive end-to-end protection software solutions. Charles Botchway, the CEO of MSC, revealed that Corbel Structured Equity Partners would be responsible for providing the marginal recapitalization. The whole transaction was spearheaded by Reginald McGaugh, MSC’s senior managing director.






The company is unique in that it deals with high-end technology solutions that offer protection to some of the most critical assets in the world. Mr. McGaugh added that the Ares Company has a sophisticated executive lineup and board that really tested MSC in the process of looking for the most suitable financing partner. On the other hand, Ben Eazzetta, stated that he was thoroughly impressed with the whole process starting from the initial meticulousness, valuation analysis and lastly, the process of raising capital. He expressed his delight at the hard work that MSC put in when finding the most suitable financing partner guaranteeing the company of a brighter future ahead.



About Madison Street Capital (MSC)



MSC is a global investment banking firm that is fully committed to service, excellence, integrity and headship in the delivery of its services. It has managed to create an immense Madison Street Capital reputation from the flawless and professional delivery of mergers and purchase expertise, valuation services, commercial fiscal advice-giving services, appraisal services as well as pecuniary opinions. It offers all these services to both private and public owned businesses. MSC offers its services with the sole aim of ensuring that all its clients succeed well in the international marketplace.



MSC ensures that it adopts the goals and intentions of its clients whenever it sets to undertake any of their new projects. These include triumphant capital raises, transfers of ownership, M&A dealings and financial advisory. MSC has a team of experts who possess extensive and exceptional experience, knowledge and wide-ranging relationships that makes it a premier worldwide investment banking firm. The huge experience at MSC makes the whole difference as its staffs have helped clients in diverse industries. The rich experience serves as a lesson to all MSC experienced professionals that every situation calls for careful analysis and accurate recommendations.


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