Mark Mofid is an accomplished surgeon who provides the San Diego area with plastic surgery that focuses on looking as natural as possible while still providing an improvement in the area or areas the customer is trying to change. Dr. Mark Mofid graduated with his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, then went on to receive his medical degree and specializes training from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Not only does the practice of Dr Mofid specialize in plastic surgery but he also encourages his patients to change their lives as well. He provides a very careful approach to cosmetic surgery and this is seen in all aspects of his practice, from the way he interacts with his patients, to the way the practice is designed and ran.

One thing that stands Mark Mofid apart from other plastic surgeons is that he has gotten behind the procedure known as gluteal augmentation. Because of everything that is involved with this procedure, it hasn’t gotten the best track record and this makes it a hard thing to argue in favor of. This is where his outside the box way of thinking helps his case. Mark Mofid is confident is how he approaches people that disagree with gluteal augmentation. Mark Mofid also refuses to go above a certain size or measurement when giving implants. Since there is a higher chance for complications the larger the implant, he wont go over 330cc.

He learned the practices and art of this particular form of surgery from Doctor Raul Gonzales in Brazil who has been performing this type of surgery since 1984.

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