Overview of Isabel dos Santos and Her Impact in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa and the eldest daughter to the former president of Angola. She is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and mentor who has played a significant role in African society, especially in Angola. Isabel dos Santos attended a girls boarding school in Kent and later pursued an electrical engineering course at King’s College in London, United Kingdom. The businesswoman is a recognized individual in several areas sectors, including telecommunications, media, health, agriculture, and minerals. (See Crunchbase reviews on Dos Santos´ academic background).


Isabel dos Santos began her entrepreneurial career while in London where she held multiple executive roles before relocating to Angola in 1998. She then ventured into establishing a trucking company and later founding Miami Beach Club. Over the years, Isabel dos Santos gained adequate experience in business, therefore, ventured into creating new companies while investing both in Angola and internationally (Affiliatedork). 


As such, she has holdings in different parts of Europe and Africa and includes Peraza Holdings and Unitel International both in Amsterdam, Germany, Condis in Luanda, Angola, and Santoro Holdings in Lisbon, Portugal. 


Economic Empowerment in Africa


In the United Nations conference held in New York, Isabel dos Santos mentioned the need to empower women in Africa as they are the key to accelerating the economic growth of the continent. She stated that Africa produces the most successful and prominent business people globally, thus crucial in encouraging women to pursue their dreams. Besides, the businesswoman mentioned that African women have the spirit to grow and achieve their ambitions, but stigmatization and lack of support plays a significant role in suppressing their motives. As such, Isabel dos Santos remains hopeful in encouraging women and girl to venture into their career despite the challenges they face.


Digitalizing Africa


As a successful businesswoman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos highlighted the importance of digitizing the continent with the adoption of modern technological features. Dos Santos spoke at the European Parliament, the businesswoman states that technology would significantly impact in raising livings standard of the African population. Some of the essential ideas she raised include the revolution of the mobile industry in Africa, involving in proper planning when implementing new technologies and seeking foreign investors to the existing and startup companies. 



More information on Dos Santos´ career available at https://economist.com.na/39271/columns/africas-richest-woman-isabel-dos-santos-of-angola-interview/