Paul Herdsman Places A High Priority On Teamwork

Expertise in marketing and driving growth of sales are a major part of the skill set that has made Paul Herdsman one of the top business leaders today in the field of solutions for customer service. Paul Herdsman is one of the co-founders of NICE Global and serves the firm in the capacity of COO. NICE Global is a firm that is headquartered in the island country of Jamaica. The main focus at NICE Global is to provide solutions for outsourcing to the business world. The company has gained a great deal of success in large part to the expertise that co-founder Paul Herdsman has in this area. Paul and his team have a commitment to helping their clients by assisting them with lowering their overhead costs and increasing their overall customer retention rates.

Paul Herdsman built up a great deal of experience in management with several other companies before he co-founded NICE Global. During this time period, he was able to develop a great deal of know-how in the area of problem-solving. This experience really was formative in helping Paul Herdsman to develop in a way that made the founding of NICE Global a possibility. Customer service has always been at the heart of his work ethic throughout all of his different work experiences.

At NICE Global, Paul Herdsman and his dedicated team have been able to generate an impressive revenue stream by providing outstanding client services. The company really has attained success that is directly linked to the success of its clients. Building a great team was always a priority for Pal Herdsman when he first founded NICE Global. He knew that this would be critical to the overall success of the company. In order to build a team, he has adhered to the concepts of hard work and loyalty. Paul is clear about the fact that the success of the firm is in many ways due to the expertise of his dedicated team.

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