Peter Harris: A Strong Connection

As the former CEO of CBL, Peter Harris has had a vital role in the attempts to make the Auckland-based insurance company thrive. Since 2007 until now, he has been the managing director for CBL Corp Ltd. Harris has a long history of taking part in important organizations that strive to make business better for all in New Zealand and beyond. As a Master’s Degree holder from the University of Auckland, he has long had close ties to the business world and financial sectors within his community.

Currently, Peter Harris sits as a board member of multiple groups, which include the following: European Insurance Services Ltd, CBL Corp Ltd, Assetinsure Holdings Pty Ltd, CBL Insurance Europe Ltd, Eurasia Investments Ltd, CBL Insurance Australia Pty Ltd, PFP Singapore Pte Ltd, CBL Insurance Ltd, and Alliance Investments Ltd. As well, Harris holds memberships to other important business-related groups within the region. Those memberships are with the following groups: Australian Graduate School of Management, NZ Latin America Business Council, NZ Institute of Management, and the Spirit of New Zealand Foundation.

Although CBL Insurance Limited is currently in liquidation, Peter Harris has fought hard to keep the insurance company afoot. With his many ties throughout the region and his vast experience within the world of insurance and finances, one can assume that once CBL Insurance Limited has come to an end, Harris will thrive and continue to be part of the local financial world while helping others to grow their businesses. Only time will tell what next great venture Peter Harris will take part in.

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