Peter Harris, an Insurance Expert

Peter Harris, an Auckland University graduate, is the former Managing Director and CEO at CBL (the largest New Zealand-owned insurance company). Because of his help, the company was able to reach such high success. Over his 11-year run from 2007 to 2018, Peter Harris helped his company receive an investment-grade rating of A-. With a rating that high, you have to realize Peter Harris’s tremendous work. Prior to this position, Peter Harris was a full-time international business director for the company. He served in this position for an identical 11 years, from 1996 to 2007. When CBL was finally bought out in 1996, Peter Harris was right there to oversee the whole thing. It was no small task, but Peter Harris built strong business connections worldwide and helped his company rise to an international level itself. even before that, Peter Harris was not short on experience. He served as the CEO for General Capital Ltd. As a trusted advisor, he helped people with very high net worth do investment banking.

Peter Harris even helped with investment banking for high market private corporate markets in the aviation, contracting, and transportation industry. He did that for four years, and before that was a finance director and shareholder at Boston Marks Group Ltd. There, he gave insurance and financial consultants to the contracting, transportation, and aviation industries of New Zealand. Out of all his success, his work at CBL stands out the most. With this hope, the company had grown so much that they went public in 2015. The company was listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchange market. In just two years, the company had seen even more growth (doubling in total value). In 2017, the company had reached a record-setting high for them at $780 million dollars. Peter Harris claims the success came from working hard, playing fair, building long-term relationships, and being committed to principles. His success didn’t go unnoticed, so in 2017, he also received multiple awards. Later in 2017, face that difficult challenge from the French insurance establishment, because they wanted to get rid of all of the non-french insurance providers providing insurance for French construction. However, Peter Harris showed his intelligence, by liquidating the company in 2018.

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