Racing? Politics? More? Rodrigo Terpin

Politically speaking, I would say Michel Terpins a mix of everything, more on the liberal side. Each view point has their strengths and weaknesses, but he am extremely open-minded. Did you have any additional questions for Rodrigo?

Looking forward to next steps!

Great answers will come! Now, we just saw a short, 300-word piece of his original writing on why Jerusalem is a special land to complete his blogger’s application. We would rate his writing, thought and style altogether.

I saw Michel’s ad on Craigslist and would like more information regarding the position. I do have a resume to send, however, I would feel more comfortable getting a reply back from a person as well as the name of the company before sending it out; a lot of these race bet gigs aren’t legit, and I try to be cautious as to who I send personal information.

There are links to his blogs. Yes, I know I haven’t been writing on them in a while. Email back and I’ll explain why.

  1. To Rodrigo Terpins, a great leader is someone who has a balanced mixture of grand vision, strong communication and decision-making skills, along with flexible determination. They must be looking at the bigger picture in order to see the larger scheme of where or what they are heading toward. For the sake of collaborating well with those they lead, they must be able to communicate well, both in the sense of listening and dictating their own thoughts and decisions. Passive nature can make leadership difficult, which is why I say that decision-making ability is a key factor as well.
  1. Yes, Michel’s used to winning, no issue at all.

3. His off-site strengths, to name a few, are research, detail, critical thinking and articulation. Some of these can also become weaknesses at certain points – he’s so detail-oriented and a bit of a perfectionist for his own work that sometimes he’ll think too hard about a project and take longer than needed to complete it or will overdo it and scale back the final product in his final release process. You can visit Terra for more details.

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