Securus Continues Growing in GovPayNet Acquisition

Inmate technology giant, Securus Technologies, has been quietly buying up companies that operate in their space. In July of 2015, the company purchased payment processor JPay but they were not done. In January of 2018, Securus announced that they have purchased GovPayNet, one of the country’s largest providers of electronic payment processing for government agencies. GovPayNet, based in Indianapolis, provides processing for debit and credit payment made to over 2,300 entities across 35 states. The types of payments they process include local property taxes, traffic and criminal fines, probation fees, and others. The move makes Securus now capable of processing over 40 million payments each year. Mark MacKenzie will remain as GovPayNet’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


Securus Technologies was formed in 1986 and is a holding company specializing in providing technological solutions for law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities. Some of the services that they provide include biometric analysis, inmate and parolee tracking, electronic payment processing, and phone service to inmates. The company provides services to over 3,500 agencies and over 1.2 million inmates in both the United States and Mexico. They own over subsidiaries that operate under names like JPay, Telrus, Satellite Tracking of People (STOP), and JOBView, among others.


Robert “Bob” Pickens was name CEO and President of Securus Technologies effective the beginning of 2018. He was been with the company for the better part of two decades and takes over the duties of Rick Smith.

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