Steve Lesnard: Finding Balance In Product Introduction

There is no doubt that new social mediums are not only changing the way we interact with friends and family but how companies are interacting with us. Therefore the introduction of these mediums also provides companies a plethora of routes to take when introducing a new product. However, not all routes can be beneficial to the company and therefore using the right strategy is paramount for any startup or established business seeking to find their corner within these new mediums. Steve Lesnard, one of the most sought-after brand consultants in the industry has provided us with the two principles that he always implements when introducing a new product to the market.

”Keep it simple to make it memorable.”

Walt Disney once said that the most important thing to do is get the story right. Some of the most successful products on the market were introduced with clear and articulate benefit to the consumer. Steve Lesnard provides the example of the Apple iPod and there “10k songs in your pocket” campaign. The ad presents not only what the product does without getting too technical but provides a clear benefit to the consumer. This technique was highly successful because when other competitors were trying to list every reason why their product was superior, Apple dedicated their time to articulate and express emotion and simplicity to their target customer.

“Bring it to life to make it real.”

Once you have a clear understanding of what your story is, Steve Lesnard advice business owners to now find what the experience will be to their customers. Questions should be asked such as, How will this look on me? How will it fit into my everyday life? Etc. Answering and then implementing these questions and answers through video can energize your base. One great example that Steve Lesnard presents was when YETI was attempting to introduce their new line of coolers. Rather than simply telling customers the features of it, they placed it in the hands of their ambassadors. Customers were then seeing how these everyday people were using it during their outdoor adventures and how they could use it as well.