Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reinas Gives Those Letters New Meaning

The founder and CEO of one the largest video marketing companies Talk Fusion, Bob Reinas, gives new meaning to the letters CEO. With an avid support of both local and international charities, Reinas is certainly the Chief Empathy Officer at the company he helms.

Most recently the skilled writers and investigative journalists at caught up with Bob Reinas and published a thorough piece exploring the depths of his humanity and charity.

That philosophy of making the world a better place no matter what you was reported as being the main driving force behind the CEO’s success and a very important part of the corporate culture cultivated at his company.

PR Newswire said that the investigative reporters behind the piece were able to glean from Bob Reinas that charity and goodwill is not simply a nice slogan to stand behind to set your company apart from the masses but a very big part of Bob Reinas’ and Talk Fusion’s, to the same extent, realities.

Both put that on full display earlier in the year when Talk Fusion rolled out its newest program aimed at allowing associates to give back to community initiatives and charities close to their own hearts.

The “pay it forward” initiative allowed associates to donate the top tier service distributed by Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing, giving that charity the ability to reach untold numbers with Talk Fusion’s video messaging service tailored towards network marketing.

The investigative piece went on to detail some more personally aspects of the CEO’s life, mainly that of his numerous contributions to local charities, Reina broke records earlier in the year with a donation to the Humane Society of 1 million dollars, as well as his contributions abroad within the international community, Reinas has regularly provided for orphanages in Indonesia.


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  1. Explored within the piece is the long successful career Bob Reinas has led as he has championed one main cause despite the change in business or product, making the world a better place. It should have been that many of these people has decided to leave out in the long run.

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