Tammy Mazzocco Knows Real Estate Like Nobody’s Business

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate professional who specializes in residential properties in Pickerington, Ohio and the four surrounding counties. Her first exposure to the real estate business was as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm. She spent the next several years in that capacity with some other firms, but in 1999 she decided that real estate sales offered her a better economic opportunity. More details can be found on Spokeo.

Tammy credits her early success to fellow associates and managers who helped her with the people part of the real estate equation. It is one thing to learn all of the legal and detailed aspects of the business, but successful real estate salespeople are usually all very good with people.

Early in her selling career, Tammy was a bit shy, especially when asking clients about their financial situation. This is information that a realtor needs to know because it determines how much house you can realistically show a prospective buyer. One associate advised Tammy just to go ahead and blurt out the right questions, no matter what anybody thought, so she did just that, and it worked. Tammy never had that problem again.

That is how she sets the pace and moves forward, keeping her organized. You can visit Yelp to more info.

She starts her day with some stretching exercises and meditation, and then it is off to the office to clear her desk of paperwork and to handle emails and phone messages. She will then spend time on the phone setting appointments with prospective clients to show houses.

Tammy Mazzocco likes to spend time in the field with clients looking at houses because that is the only way they can make decisions to buy. She also knows that that time with clients is golden as a terrific bond is established to the point where they would rather not do business with anyone else.

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