The Advancements of OSI Group in the Food Production and Supply Industry

OSI Group is a revered company in the food production and supply industry. The company has an inspiring story of humble beginnings as a butcher shop to now an international company with a significant impact on the global economy. The first significant milestone that has seen the business become global was marked when Otto’s sons entered into a business deal with Ray Kroc to be supplying the first McDonald franchise with meat. The deal later saw the business become the principal supplier of grounded meat to all McDonald’s franchises.

OSI has some joint ventures which enable it to operate efficiently in the international market. In Taiwan, the organization works with K&K Foods. The other joint ventures include GENOSI in the Philippines, WFOE in China. The growth in the economy of China provides the company with an ever-increasing customer base for its products hence having a positive contribution to the company’s profitability. The Group has also entered into a business deal with Pickstock, a company based in the United Kingdom and EDEKA, a chain of supermarkets in Germany. Also, Select Ready Food in Canada. The company’s facilities are also Bangalore and Poland.

Apart from the McDonald’s, OSI Group serves Subway, Papa Johns, Starbucks, Yum, Burger King, and Saizeriya. The business has also entered into a profitable partnership with Nation Pizza and Foods to expand its services in the United States. Another milestone is in the acquisition of the Flagship Europe, a United Kingdom-based company. Flagship Europe has been a key supplier of food products and services to the United Kingdom’s food market.

The tremendous growth of the OSI Group has earned the company recognition in the 2016 Forbes category of largest privately-owned organizations in the United States. The OSI Group has received an award from the British Safety Council for their role in the management of the environment. The company was also the winner of the California Green Business Award in 2016 and the Environmental Recognition Award from NAMI in 2018. OSI group is leading in the fresh produce products markets where it offers its customers good quality products and services. The company’s role in the global market remains vital.

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