The Importance of Daniel Taub’s Career as the Israeli Ambassador to the U.K.

The Jewish Chronicle recently released a highly interesting article about former Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom Daniel Taub. Taub has been on the forefront of building positive relations between the two countries during his role as the Ambassador from 2011-2015. He is known as a man that brings true change and builds bridges using creative solutions. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

The article recalled his time as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom as well as the work he has done. The article opens up with a highly visual introduction. The intro describes how Taub dressed when he met the Queen for the first time several years ago, including his wearing of his traditional kippah.

While Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom and is proud of his roots with the country, he has been open about sticking to his roots as an Orthodox Jew. He has a strong name as a top diplomat in Britain, yet chose to relocate to Israel as part of his position.

During his time as the Israeli Ambassador he focused strongly on keeping open communication between the two countries and to ensuring that Israel remained a top priority of discussion for the United Kingdom – and vice versa.

Additionally, the article quoted Daniel Taub on how proud he was to be able to raise his children in Israel as well as serve a role in continuing to bring the two countries to a greater partnership.

Daniel Taub has had an interesting background. He gained his formal education at the University College in Oxford and also attended Harvard’s School of Government and University College based in London, England. Education has always been highly important to him and the importance of education has served as one of the corner stones of his political focus.

The positions he has held over his elite career have spanned the legal and political fields due to his vast knowledge of international law as well as his deep knowledge of how to work to combat terrorist both at home and abroad.

He is best known in top diplomatic circles for being on the forefront of negotating between the Israel and Palestine to promote healing peace between the two countries.

After moving back to Israel in the late 1980s Daniel Taub has held a wide variety of important positions that have brought him success and accreditation as a powerful figure. Those positions include his work for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, working as a Combat Medic for the country’s Defense Forces.

It was those positions that continued to bring his name to light as a man of great passion for his country and eventually garnered him the position of serving as the United Kingdom’s Ambassador for Israel.

He is currently focusing on his passionf or philanthropy by working with the Yad Hanadiv foundation as their Strategy Director.

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