The Sky is the Limit for JetSmarter’s Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter founder Sergey Petrossov soars to new heights as this all-in entrepreneur takes his startup sky high. This company founder, not yet even 30, found a gap in the market. He invented the rideshare for airplanes and charter craft. An on-demand service that’s likely not accessible to the general public, this luxury option for on-demand air travel is part of a $15 billion industry – yet it also cuts costs. While specializing in luxury aircraft, the app allows the use of those private flights for far less than the cost of plane ownership, providing added flight accessibility to 170 countries worldwide.

But it’s not just consumers who benefit — the aircraft industry does too. It turns out the smallest aircraft spend most of their time on the ground. That means grounded pilots and idle mechanics. Less fuel and supplies are needed when planes don’t go airborne. In fact, most aircraft only spend about 200 hours flying, leaving a lot of lost opportunity. As told to Forbes, “These planes can be used as much as 1,500 hours per year, and there are about 18,000 jets globally.”

Origins before the Updraft

Sergey PetrossovBefore Sergey Petrossov reached for the skies, he still had a vision. Sergey moved to the United States as a small child and lived in various locations around the United States before settling in southern Florida. Named to Forbes 30-under-30 in 2016, his previous projects included cofounding IT projects such as an online chat for customer service and distance learning for Russian speakers. Petrossov additional spent time as an advisor for a private jet company. This experience combined with a love of flight led him to increase accessibility to private air travel. JetSmarter was founded in 2013 and has since continued to soar.