Three Benefits of the LifeWave X39 Patch

LifeWave appeared in the crowded health and wellness market in 2004 with innovative products that stood out in all the right ways. These products were targeted to the biggest pain points experienced by millions of people today. They were also easy to use and highly effective. The company spent years undergoing close scrutiny to receive multiple patents, and their dedication to offering health-boosting products that actually work is apparent (Professionaltales).


By 2011, LifeWave was ranked as one of America’s fastest-growing private businesses. Today, they’re the manufacturer behind a simple patch that can do big things for your health. X39 is the most expensive in a line of patches offered by the brand, but that’s due to the inclusion of patented technology that can benefit everyone regardless of health and fitness goals.


What Is the LifeWave X39 Patch?

This patch is designed to stimulate your stem cells, which naturally start to slow down with age. Think of stem cells as master cells that can take the place of diseased or damaged cells anywhere in your body. That happens when a stem cell divides, creating either new stem cells or replacement cells located in regions of the body in need of repair or healing.


Benefits of the X39 Patch

Why do you want to keep your stem cells active? LifeWave’s research has uncovered a long list of benefits, but there are three that should interest health-conscious people of all ages:


  • Energy Boost – The patch can deliver fast energy, allowing more each day even if other aspects of your lifestyle zap your energy. LifeWave will be there since the beginning to help you accomplish your full day´s target!
  • Improved Sleep – Don’t let sleep deprivation kill momentum on that big project or your motivation to exercise and eat well. The X39 patch may help you sleep better without pills that leave you groggy in the morning.
  • Pain Relief – Most people experience some level of chronic pain as they age. LifeWave helps you ease that pain by simply wearing a patch.


LifeWave continue to develop innovative health products that work through stem cell activation. Look at all of their products to determine the right one for your health and wellbeing.

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