Tips on How to spice up your coffee by Organo Gold

Following a report by National Coffee Association, coffee is the most consumed beverage on earth. Coffee shops are all over, due to the fact that coffee is elastic and durable in the market even during bad times.

Organo gold company provides proper marketing structures to coffee sellers who wish to promote their brand. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who now works hand in hand with Shane Morland to come up with super quality organic coffee. The company is based on a scientific advisory board with Dr. Irma Prado as the chief medical consultant and Dr. Li Xiaoyu who certifies the coffee’s organic ingredients.

Organo gold blends gourmet coffee beans with the mushroom species Ganoderma to come up with the herb Ganoderma lucidium which has more health benefits than the ordinary coffee. Customers can either purchase coffee from the website or from an Organo distributor. Organo Gold makes its sales in the United States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Peru.

There are several ideas to spice up your coffee according to Organo Gold. These include;

Iced orange creamsicle coffee.

This is made by grating the peel of an orange and adding the grated peelings in the bottom of the filter before adding the grounds. It can also be made instantly by putting the peelings in a strainer while pouring out the boiled water into your cup.

Pumpkin spice flavor.

This is simply made by adding a slice of fresh pumpkin while boiling the water.

Cinnamon Mocha.

Cinnamon Mocha can be made by mixing cocoa with brewed coffee followed by a drop of cinnamon oil or cinnamon syrup.