Venture Capitalist Shervin Pishevar Shakes Up The Investment Status Quo With His Recent Tweet Storm

Some Silicon Valley high-rollers like to call Shervin Pishevar “the man with the Midas Touch.” Shervin’s investment track record is impressive. He helped shape the startup boom in Silicon Valley. Pishevar believed in the Uber concept before other investors decided to invest. And he called it right with Warby Parker, Postmates, Dollar Shave Club, and Slack. He was riding high while calling the shots at Sherpa Capital, but when he resigned as CEO of Sherpa in December, he went underground for a few months.

Keeping a low profile isn’t part of Shervin Pishevar’s energetic personality. So he resurfaced recently, and when he did, he didn’t hold back on Twitter. Pishevar created a tweet storm over a 21-hour period. And according to his Twitter followers, Shervin’s 50 successive tweets set the stage for an economic decline that could change how investors look at the investment market in the future.

Some investors who follow Shervin Pishevar’s tweets thought his 6,000-point drop in the stock market was a silly prediction. But Pishevar justified his tweet by saying interest rate increases and an increase in the national debt will make that happen. The Feds just raised the interest rates again, and according to a recent government report, the national debt is over one trillion dollars now thanks to Trump’s tax cuts and government spending.

Shervin Pishevar thinks the economy is going to slow down due to rising inflation, stock market crashes, and underemployment. In one of his tweets, he didn’t pull any punches when he said the decaying American infrastructure will hurt America’s Gross Domestic Product growth. But most investors took that tweet as a Hyperloop One hidden message. Pishevar and Elon Musk are trying to get their Hyperloop One project off the ground in California.

But the tweet that shocked most investors was Pishevar’s prediction about Silicon Valley. Shervin believes Silicon Valley will lose its number one position as the startup capital of the world.

Pishevar is back in the investment game. He claims he never left the game. But some investors say losing his role at Sherpa Capital changed him, and not in a good way. But other investors say Pishevar’s predictions are right on the money.