Vinod Gupta Now Goes From Database Solutions To Cloud CRM

Vinod Gupta has been a true innovator going back over 40 years when he first started a company, and he’s served in both the private and public sector and has worked with former President Bill Clinton. But he’s still going at it today having founded a new CRM software company known as InfoFREE. The company has a lot of similarities to his original company, InfoGROUP; but Gupta has decided to keep this company privately-owned since he feels it would be in its best interest.

Vinod Gupta grew up in a very remote village in India and didn’t have much money when he first arrived in the US to go to graduate school. But he was resourceful and managed to finish his master’s degree and find work at Commodore Corporation in Omaha, NE. InfoGROUP started as an offshoot from this company because he was tasked with building sales leads to mobile home dealers throughout the US, and with the information he dug up he realized he could start a company finding information for other clients. Gupta began it with only $100 for mailers, but he would receive checks for as high as $20,000 for the first pieces of information he sold, and this was the start of his multimillion-dollar company that would open multiple offices.

Vinod Gupta first Incorporated InfoGROUP in 1972, made several acquisitions of market research firms and would eventually take it public in the 1990s. He used the money he made from this company to build schools and libraries in India, and he helped start scholarship programs at many US universities. President Clinton gave him a medal for the jobs he created at InfoGROUP for many minorities. Gupta also served in the state department at the consulate in Bermuda, and he was nominated for Ambassador to Fiji but declined the post. After selling his shares of Info GROUP in 2010, Gupta founded InfoFREE and opened a family office investment firm known as the Everest Group.

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