Wes Edens prepares to buy Aston Villa

Wes Edens has hitherto been known for his involvement in the financial management field. However, he has recently expanded to include sports in his portfolio. His involvement with sports came earlier when he co-owned NBA’s, Milwaukee Bucks. As much as he doesn’t show his prowess in the court or field, there is no doubt that Wes Edens is an exemplary manager. This is especially so seeing how he managed to take the Bucks from a struggling team to one of the most competitive powerhouses in the NBA. Through the years, the Bucks have been improving their win-loss record. In fact, at some point, they were title contenders against Golden State Warriors, another NBA big wig.

In his bid to improve the prospects of the club even further, Wes Edens opened a new stadium; a feat that has seen the clubs brand improve and the sale of its merchandise get to record highs. It also boasts of star players like Antetokounmpo who has since become a fans’ favorite.

After several years of managing this NBA team, however, Edens seems to be setting his eyes on bigger targets. He is currently focused on the international scene where he hopes to buy a majority stake one of the most promising soccer teams in England; Aston Villa. The premier league is, no doubt, one of the most respected and revered sports leagues in the world and Wed Edens is determined to have his name eked among the greats in this league. His business acumen drives him to this highly lucrative league that promises a high return on investment.

Wes Edens hopes to make use of his previous experience in the NBA to raise the stakes of Aston Villa Football Club. This football club has been blowing hot and cold in terms of its preparedness to join the top tier in the English premier league. As such, Wes Edens is looking to turn around the fortunes of the club to find a permanent home in the English premier league. He believes that he is ready to deal with the pressure that comes with the need to have the team perform to expectation. To know more about him click here.