What is Jeremy Goldstein doing for the Fountain House?

Jeremy Goldstein is a leading compensation attorney in New York. However, despite being a distinguished legal professional, he is actively involved in community work. Currently, he is serving as the co-chair of a New York organization known as Fountain House. This is an organization that takes care of the mentally ill people around New York.


Fountain House appreciate receiving support from all people, but they love it when important people in New York support the mission. Jeremy Goldstein is supporting the activities of the Fountain House because he believes that they have outstanding programs that will help thousands of people who have mental illnesses. Goldstein believes that there is no substitute for caring and that is why he is the dedicating resources towards the support of the Fountain House. Regularly, he holds a dinner party where he hosts prominent guests who are ready to support the programs implemented by Fountain House. Jeremy Goldstein believes that Fountain House is fighting the stigma associated with mental illness and at the same time rolling out a superior mental health model.


Jeremy Goldstein is a distinguished graduate of the New York University School of Law and has expertise in executive compensation. He is ranked as one of the best attorneys in his area of specialization in the United States. Over the past decade, he has worked with some of the largest corporations in the country. Most of his clients are CEOs, management teams, composition committees, and management teams of corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein has brought the commitment with which he serves in the legal field into the support of Fountain House. The programs that are supported by Fountain House give hope and guidance to a huge number of mentally ill people, a reason Jeremy Goldstein has seen it prudent to support these programs.


Fountain House implements a health model where the affected victims of mental illness become part of the team eradicating stigma associated with mental illness. Instead of being passive recipients. Through this strategy, the organization is able to give the mentally ill people a chance to mingle and interact with others to avoid feeling lonely. It is the wish of the Fountain House that all players in the fight against mental illness cooperate so that they can come up with problems that have a far-reaching impact.


Other organizations around the world have embraced the concept adopted by Fountain House. It has proved to be an effective way of dealing with mental illnesses where the victims become key players in the mission of eradicating mental illnesses.


The events that Jeremy Goldstein host for Fountain House, educational programs are given priority. Fountain House has a Center for Leadership and Education where they develop leadership opportunities in order to sensitize the community about mental health treatment approach. It is through this center that this organization prepares mental health advocates and future leaders to embrace the principles of Fountain House. There is college training, education, leadership, consulting and research initiatives; all processes that are done in order to create a well-educated community that will act on the plight of people with mental illness.


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